Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unit 2: Saying goodbye

Providing that you have friends (as I hope you do), I'm sure you'll want to say them goodbye before leaving to your destination. Most part of your friends will live in your city, but in my case, almost all my friends live in other cities or even abroad. Anyways, I've spent a lot of time with friends in my city, but also had to travel a bit.

One of my best and oldest friends came to visit me and stayed a few days here. I really like to spend time with him cause, though we know each other since we were 16, we've just met 4 times. I recently came back from Valencia, were I visited my dearest and new friend Bea. I also met a lot of people there and I'm gonna miss them so much.

Well, here you have some tips for saying goodbye to your friends before leaving:

Local friends

- Meet them a lot! You never have enough of the people you love, so don't waste the opportunity of spending some quality time with them: go to the cinema, to the beach or pool, shopping or wherever you all enjoy.
- Go somewhere. It might be a camping or a house of one of you a little far from the city. You'll have time to talk about everything you want and to tell each other how much are you gonna miss each other.
- Party, party, party! Well, you'll party a lot in your Erasmus destination, but honestly... Its not the same when you're not with your friends. You can be yourself and say all those stupid things that you say when you are drunk or play those funny dance steps you'd be ashamed to play when being with other people.
- Treat them with a small gift. It may be handmade or bought, but something that they can carry with them or put in their rooms for you to be with them at any time.

Foreign friends

- Look for super cheap transport! You can find cheap flights, coaches or trains in lots of webpages if you buy them 2 or 3 months before travelling or just a couple of days before.
- Stay at your friends' house. That's the cheapest option, of course, but be kind and bring some present with you. In case you can't, youth hostels are always cheap and usually comfortable. Anyways, you won't probably be there so much.
- Look for nice and unexpensive restaurants. Unless you can bear a 4-day McDonalds marathon, you should find any other kind of place. Anyways, you can always go to a supermarket and buy something there.

And, in both cases, you'd better buy lots of tissues. At least, I cryed a lot and needed tons of them!

My Loli friends and me in my last night in Valencia.
(Pic took by Bea)