Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi! It's me!

Hello everybody! My name is Isa (from Isabel), though some people call me Chii - after the Chobits character. I created this blog some months ago to write about my Erasmus experience in Southampton, England. Anyways, I had nothing to tell in that moment but wanted to keep the name.

Why did I choose Lolita in Albion? Well, the first part may be obvious: I'm a lolita. For those of you who are not very familiarized with Japanese fashion, Lolita is a... something (urban tribe/fashion/way of life... whatever you want it to be for you) inspired by Rococo and Victorian styles. You can find out more info in Wikipedia and in the EGL Livejournal community. So, what about Albion? For those of you who are from Great Britain or study something related to English history or literature, it's a stupid question. But this blog is also (and maybe more) for Erasmus students, so... Lesson time!

Albion is the name the Romans gave to England when they first went to the British islands, while other say that it was previously used by the Celts. Anyways, the Romans understood it as "white" (albus) because of the White Cliffs of Dover. Of course, nobody calls England for that name nowadays (or since so many centuries), but it has remained in literature as a symbol for the country which I find very romantic and nostalgic. William Blake, for example, used it in his poem "Visions of the Daughters of Albion". It's the same that when we use Iberia in Spain. Oh, by the way... I'm Spanish!!

Well, so by now you know I'm Spanish, I'm a lolita and I'm a bit nerdy about England. In fact, I'm studying Filología Inglesa in my university in Malaga (sth about English studies: literature, history, linguistics, language... as well as US literature and history). In my year abroad, I'll take some linguistics and literature courses, as well as one about law. The British legal system is quite different from the one we have in most part of western Europe, which comes from the Roman one and I got very interested when we studied a bit of it in history this year.

And why am I into this? Well, I've seen so many blogs in which lolitas write about their lives or the style or so. I've also seen other blogs by Erasmus students in so many places. But I've never found a blog about a lolita Erasmus student (maybe there are lots! but I dunno them), so I decided to talk about all the things from a different point of view.

So, this is me! I'll try to write about how to find a house, moving there, my courses and (when I got there) my daily life. Hope you like it or, at least, find it helpful.


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